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The 50th Anniversary

Outstanding Achievement Award – sponsored by Good Housekeeping

The McCartney Sisters – for their bravery in standing up to the IRA and gaining international recognition for the reality of life in Belfast.  Their campaign represents a shattering of the omerta tradition on a spectacular scale – families with members killed by the IRA are very often bitter but mostly kept their feelings to themselves.


Window to the World – sponsored by Pilkington plc

Claire Bertschinger – a 30year old British field nurse in Ethiopia whose interview with BBC’s Michael Buerk, inspired Bob Geldof to set up Live Aid in 1984. With only so much food to provide meals for hundreds of children in the International Red Cross centre in Mekele, it was left to her to select which children would go into the camp and those that did not.


Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by Lloyds TSB

The Rt Hon Margaret Thatcher QM PC FRS – first British Prime Minister. During her career had achieved pre-eminence in her chosen field and has been an inspiration to other women to strive and to achieve ore in their own work.


Women of the Year 2005 Award

Tina Turner – a new award given to an exceptional woman whose conduct in both her personal and her public life has been both brave and bold; building her life on her own terms and motivating women throughout the world to survive and to succeed with style and character.