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Catch up on the fantastic speeches from the 2017 Lunch

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall speech transcript is
available via Clarence House twitter: https://twitter.com/ClarenceHouse

Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year Award:

Winner, Alex Eades said: “This is for my daughter Charlotte, she fought a long and hard battle and the last six weeks of her life took everything from her. She was paralysed, she lost the ability to walk and to talk. She finally gave in to her tumour on 5th February, she was told she was going to die that night and a subsequent three more times and she went on until 24th February. She was my best friend, this is for her.”

Good Housekeeping Women of the Year International Award: The White Helmets

Anna Nolan Director of the Syria Campaign: “The video we just watched is from Masaa, a volunteer from Aleppo. Before the revolution, Masaa was a student, now she is one of 375 volunteers saving lives in Syria. The White Helmets have asked me on their behalf to thank Women of the Year for this honour, and they’ve also asked me to share their motto with you all today. It’s taken from the Quran, and it says, ‘To save one life is to save all of humanity’. The White Helmets have saved more than 97,000 lives around the world. These brave women remind us that we’re all part of something greater. And even in the darkest of wars, love will always win.”

Prudential Women of the Year Leadership AwardDany Cotton

“Well, what a fabulous group of women in front of me. What an amazing, amazing lunch. I’m so very honoured to be given this award, and thank you so much to Women of the Year for honouring me in this way. This really, really isn’t about me, this is about the men and the women of the London Fire Brigade. This is about the most fabulous team that I have the most pride to lead. Every day I look at myself and I am just so lucky to be the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade.

And whilst this year has been a really tough year, it’s not a year you’d pick to start your new job. Things kept happening, and then some more things happened, and you start thinking to yourself, ‘when will it ever be normal’, and I think now is normal. This is the future we have but the men and women of our emergency services are absolutely fabulous. We go running into situations that other people would run away from.

One of the things I have launched today is a new campaign called Firefighting Sexism, and it’s a simple campaign, it’s just about challenging people to stop using the word firemen. I’ve been so inspired to be here and I feel so very honoured to be here.”

Barclays Women of the Year Award: Manchester Emergency and Medical Services

Jane Luca, Chair of the Women of the Year: “As a Mancunian, I am not surprised to hear so many stories of strong women. After all, Manchester was the birth place of the woman who changed all our lives, she was of course, Emmeline Pankhurst.

Having recognised the work of the fire services, it is only right that we recognise the tens of thousands of women working in our other emergency services. So we have asked some of the women who responded to the Manchester bombing to accept our award on behalf of each and every woman serving in our Police, Ambulance and Health services up and down the United Kingdom.”

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