Our UK grants this year focus on loneliness and social isolation.

The Listening Place

Every day in the UK 16-30 people take their own lives. Most have sought help but not found it. Mental health services are notoriously stretched and the NHS has little ongoing support to offer. The Listening Place provides a unique, face-to-face volunteer-led support service for people who feel life is no longer worth living. Visitors see the same well-trained volunteer regularly, building supportive relationships and being able to talk openly and freely, knowing that nothing is too dark to share. The results are measured and are remarkable, demonstrating highly significant decreases in suicidal feelings. The Foundation’s grant will pay for 900 appointments for suicidal women.


The Pankhurst Trust

The Pankhurst Trust is based at the former family home of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester. It is home to Manchester Women’s Aid, an independent charity providing services and support for women and their children affected by domestic violence and abuse. The majority of their clients are asylum seekers who are undocumented or with no recourse to public funds. These isolated women do not know their rights or what help is available to them. Our grant will fund Group Work programmes help women to access help, learn coping strategies for themselves and their children, improve their self-esteem and move on positively from their experience.



JustEnough! is an education group for children as young as five all the way up to sixteen. It has a simple mission: To help children understand the world around them today and how they can make it even better when they grow up. It uses comedy, facts, acting and media to teach them on the world’s toughest subjects such as Modern Slavery, Terrorism, Knife Crime, Environment, Inclusion and Hate Crime. The Foundation grant will fund workshops and access to an online learning platform for children and staff at a number of girls’ schools to help combat Modern Day Slavery.


The Silver Line

5 million older people in the UK say the TV is their main company. More than half of over 75s live alone and a million older people regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone.  Loneliness not only affects confidence and self-esteem, it can profoundly affect health, leading to higher rates of mortality. The Silver Line, launched by Dame Esther Rantzen, offers a simple response to the pain of loneliness and isolation; human connection any time, day or night, through the UK’s only free and confidential helpline specifically for older people, open 24 hours, 365 days a year, and offering information, advice or just a simple chat whenever needed. Our grant will cover 800 calls, representing a lifeline for many lonely older people.



Feast! has a simple but compelling proposition – they make community meals for adults at risk using surplus food. Food poverty is a primary cause of ill-health and social isolation amongst vulnerable and homeless adults. Simultaneously, food waste is a growing cause for concern in the UK and globally. Feast! takes surplus food from supermarkets and their volunteers work with the residents in a number of homeless hostels to create delicious and nutritious meals which they eat side by side, creating a communal atmosphere and providing much-needed social interaction. Our grant will enable Feast! to provide a weekly meal at an additional women’s shelter.


Our overseas grants empower underprivileged young women and enable them to earn a living.

Freedom Kit Bags

Menstruation is one of the biggest obstacles to women being able to gain an education and earn their own living. Millions of women and girls in rural Nepal have no access to hygienic sanitary wear, using old rags and maybe straw, or nothing at all. Freedom Kit Bags include everything needed for up to two years – washable pads, pad holders, carry purse, waterproof bag for used pads, underwear, soap, washing line and pegs. The materials are sourced in Nepal and Nepali women make the pads, holders and bags bringing employment to those who need it most. A Kit Bag costs just £25 — that’s £1 a month for the lifetime of the pads. Our donation will change the lives of 80 women and young girls.


Imagine Her

31 million young women are unemployed and economically handicapped in Uganda. Even those who have access to the education system are denied the tools they need to close the unemployment gap. Imagine Her is a non-profit organisation working with communities to leverage the power and potential of every girl and woman to create sustainable futures. Our grant supports their Women’s Social Enterprise and Innovation Incubator is designed to create lasting employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for disadvantaged women and girls, thereby improving their economic status, independence and rights. The six-month curriculum provides training, mentoring and coaching to enable the participants to launch their own social enterprises, and the graduates are provided with a revolving seed fund to kickstart and grow their enterprises.