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Previous winners


Women of the Year Human Rights Award
Zimbabwean Human Rights Lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa who has made an extraordinary contribution to the defence of journalists and freedom of the press.

Barclays Women of the Year Award
Founder of the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation, Diana Nammi.

Women of the Year Good Housekeeping Outstanding Young Campaigner of the Year Award
Anti-FGM campaigner, Fahma Mohamed.

Women of the Year DFS Enterprise Award
Social campaigner, Jack Monroe.

Women of the Year Prudential Lifetime Achievement Award
Christina Noble who founded The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

ITV’s Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year
Was won (on a viewers vote) by: Joanne Thompson, who set up Millie Trust in memory of her 9-month old daughter, Millie. The charity delivers paediatric first aid training to individuals and organisations.


Barclays Women of the Year Award
Rider’s for health co-founder, Andrea Coleman.

Good Housekeeping Women of the Year Outstanding Achievement Award
Eight Dagenham Women Machinists who represent those who took part in the Dagenham Ford car plant strikes of 1968 and 1984-85.

Sacla’ Women of the Year campaigning award
Former supermodel and FGM campaigner Waris Dirie.

ITV’s Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year Award
Was won (on a viewers’ vote) by: Marilyn Baldwin, who set up Think Jessica, a charity campaign to protect vulnerable people from postal and telephone scams.


Barclays Women of the Year Award
The Iraqi-American women’s rights activist, author and co-founder of Women for Women International Zainab Salbi.

Good Housekeeping Women of the Year Award
Team GB Olympic & Paralympic Women Medallists.

Sacla’ Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award
Best-selling crime writer & Life Peer P.D. James.

Women of the Year Award
Campaigner for justice, following the murder of her son Stephen in 1993, Doreen Lawrence.

ITV’s Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year Award
Was won (on a viewers’ vote) by: Kate Woolveridge who has been recognised for her tireless work to promote awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in Cardiff through her work with the “Forget me nots choir”.


Barclays Women of the Year Award
Consultant nurse Debby Edwards, trauma sister Victoria Mulleady, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Kate Sherman, Sergeant (Sgt) Lauren Odell, Commander (Surg Cdr) Sarah Stapley and clinical specialist occupational therapist Sarah Winters. The award salutes a team of outstanding, compassionate and committed women –the ‘Sister Act’ – whose hard work, determination and outstanding medical achievements have saved the lives of critically injured soldiers and given them a future. The six dedicated medical professionals have worked tirelessly treating injured and wounded military personnel and civilians in hospitals in the UK as well as in the field.

Good Housekeeping Outstanding Achievement Award
Dr Nawal El Saadawi, the Egyptian novelist and feminist who has been imprisoned in the past for her fight for women’s rights in Egypt. She was a leading voice in Tahir Square, arguing for democratic reforms and encouraging young students and women to fight for their beliefs, and has shown great strength and courage.

Sacla Lifetime Achievement Award
Lulu, singer, television personality and businesswoman. Her impressive career spans six decades and she works with charities including the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF).

Sainsbury’s  Women of the Year “You Can” Award
Katie Piper, charity campaigner, is recognized for her indomitable spirit following a brutal acid attack and her awe-inspiring dedication in setting up her charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, to provide rehabilitation and scar management for burns survivors.

ITV’s Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year Award
Jackie Millerchip is a child minder who looks after able-bodied children alongside those with severe disabilities and learning difficulties. She has had a sensory cabin built in her garden and has converted the entire ground floor of her house to ensure that the space is accessible and well-suited to all of the children she cares for. Jackie aims to dismantle prejudices and encourage tolerance and understanding amongst children, as well as providing respite care for parents.


Women of the Year Award
Annie Lennox, singer, songwriter and philanthropist. An exceptional woman who was recognised for her selflessness in her fight to raise awareness of the plight of the women and children of Africa who have suffered from the devastation wrought by HIV/AIDS.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Zaha Hadid, born in Baghdad, an exceptional woman and multi-award winning architect, who through her spirit and perseverance has gained acceptance in a male-dominated world and graced the world with some extraordinary ideas.

The “You Can” Award
Shara Brice who, with her team, is recognised as having created one of the UK’s most ethnically diverse and effective youth programmes – the Ascension Eagles.

Window to the World Award
Susie Hart, a lady who has changed the lives of the disabled people of Tanzania who were shunned by society. The café she set up, run completely by deaf people, was voted Best Restaurant in Tanzania in 2010.


Women of the Year Award
Emily Cummins, a young inventor who revolutionised Village Africa with her solar-powered refrigerator. She strives to change the lives of so many in the poorer parts of the world with her innovative ideas.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Hilary Henriques, who in 1990 after her own difficult childhood, set up the National Association for Children of Alcoholics – a small national charity that provides advice and support. Its helpline offers young people a friendly, and caring, voice at the end of the phone to talk to in moments of despair.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dame Vera Lynn DBE, at 92 years of age, reached number 1 slot in the music charts for her war time classic ‘We’ll Meet Again’. An exceptional woman and a much loved woman of our time.

Window to the World Award
Jane Walker, a woman who set about to change the lives of the rubbish tip children of Manilla. In 10 years she has founded and built a school for the children made of containers with help from their parents and in the evening, educates the parents.


Women of the Year Award
Shy Keenan and Sara Payne were recognised for their courage and spirit.  Following tragic circumstances they have prevailed as champions for change and striven to make the world a better place and have campaigned tirelessly and with dignity to protect the rights of children.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Nina Barough, who organised the very first Moonwalk, a marathon trek around the streets of London in the middle of the night to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Window to the World Award
Ann Cotton, a woman whose courage and determination brought to our attention an international issue, in this case, the educational deprivation of young women in Zimbabwe.

Food for Thought Award
Claire Hicks who not only built the international Impact programme which is a global initiative that prevents major causes of disability, but has a obsession with a project called ‘Hidden Hunger’ which specifically addresses malnutrition which affects 800 million people globally.


Women of the Year Award
Sister Frances Dominica, nun and pioneer to the hospice movement. She is founder of the first children’s hospice in the world called Helen & Douglas House, which provides care to children with life-limiting illnesses. Sister Frances is a truly exceptional woman, who has helped and influenced people around the world both personally and professionally.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Rose Molokoane, a South African veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle. This courageous and determined woman is one of the most internationally recognised grassroots activists involved in land.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Marguerite Patten OBE.

Window to the World Award
Jasvinder Sanghira has campaigned for the rights of victims of forced marriage, domestic violence and honour killings. She refused her own forced marriage and broke the silence by sharing her experience, and the experiences of her six older sisters, who were all taken to India to marry and then found themselves trapped in abusive and oppressive relationships. It is her belief and courage that has opened a window of opportunity to those in need.


Women of the Year Award
Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder and director of Kids Company, a charity for children in inner London is a modern maverick, who believes in offering care, practical and emotional support to vulnerable children, often when they have suffered neglect and exclusion elsewhere.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Jane Tomlinson MBE.  Despite being diagnosed with advanced metastatic breast cancer in August 2000, her phenomenal achievements against all odds and her indomitable spirit, showed the world that anything is possible.

Window to the World Award
Thabitha Khumalo, a Zimbabwean mother, trade unionist and a women’s rights campaigner, whose work and courage, in often dangerous or intimidating circumstances, has opened all our eyes to a world we otherwise would not have understood. Thabitha’s fight for the basic female human right to have access to sanitary protection led her to be arrested 22 times and tortured.


Women of the Year Award
Tina Turner, rock legend – an exceptional woman whose personal and public life has been both brave and bold. Such a woman is a modern maverick, combining extraordinary insight with determination and an inspiration to other women to strive and achieve more from their own lives.

Outstanding Achievement Award
The McCartney sisters and Bridgeen Hagaans won the world’s respect for standing up to the IRA after their brother’s murder.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Window to the World Award
Claire Bertschinger. The British field nurse who was interviewed by Michael Buerk in Ethiopia for the BBC in 1984. It was this interview that inspired Bob Geldof to set up Live Aid. After her time in Ethiopia she’s fought to save lives in many of the world’s most desperate trouble spots and war zones including The Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Craymer Award for Enterprise
Josette Bushell-Mingo, set up the Push Festival in 2001, now based at the Almeida. The Festival was set up to change black communities perception of themselves and to galvanise mainstream institutions to take on diversity in a much more visible way.


Young Achiever of the Year Award
Ms Dynamite, for her stand against guns after the shooting in Birmingham of two teenage girls during New Year 2002.

The Frink Award
Sue Townsend, blinded after suffering from diabetes for many years, achieved worldwide success following the publication of the books about teenager Adrian Mole. The first of her comic series, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4, was published in 1982 and the eighth instalment, Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years was released in 2009. Her other best-selling novels included The Queen and I.


Outstanding Achievement Award
Paula Radcliffe, one of the greatest distance runners in the world after winning the 2002 London Marathon and smashing the UK and European record. She has overcome a potentially debilitating health condition (asthma) to achieve her goals.

Window to the World Award
Irene Khan, Head of Amnesty International. The first woman in its history to lead this influential human rights organisation that has over a million members in 140 countries.

Barbour Award
Judy Craymer, for her foresight and determination in producing and staging the world wide musical hit Mamma Mia!

The Frink Award
Leah Pattison, who contracted leprosy when working as a volunteer in India in 1997, was recognised for her efforts to publicise the issue of women in India afflicted with the disease.


Outstanding Achievement Award
Ellen MacArthur, yachtswoman, who at 28 years of age, sailed single handed round-the-world.

Window to the World Award
Marie Colvin, Sunday Times war reporter. She lost an eye from a burst of shrapnel in Sri Lanka. She reported on the troubles in Kosovo, Chechnya and East Timor.

The Frink Award
Pam Warren, a survivor of the Paddington train crash disaster who received severe burns in the crash in 1999, and had to wear a plastic facemask for almost a year. She is also a leading campaigner with the Paddington Survivors’ Group.