The nomination process

Each year we seek out the women who are breaking new ground, disrupting the status quo and transforming the lives of those around them, to invite them to a shared space where their achievements, ambitions and compassion can be celebrated.

Our volunteer nomination committee has been assembled over the years to form a diverse group of women with unique networks, perspectives and experience, with an aim to represent women from all walks and stages of life in the UK. We ask this committee to submit nominations for ten women each year to our judging panel, whose tough task it is to whittle the list down to just 450.

Nominating committee

Tell us about an incredible woman you know

If you know of an extraordinary woman who is breaking glass ceilings, world records, or advocating change and championing their communities – we’d love to hear about them. Let us know by filling out the form below and we might feature them on our site and social media – truly exceptional women may also find themselves invited to the annual lunch and awards.

  • We might need to get in contact with you for more information about your nominee.